Energizer Light Fusion 2-In-1 Light

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Light Fusion 2in1 Light Description
Powerful & Portable, the Energizer LED 2 in 1 light is a handy multi purpose tool thats ideal for the home, garage and workshop.


- Spot light and area light in one versatile handheld light
- Light Fusion Technology panel delivers vibrant, uniform area light for a variety of tasks
- Smart Dimming technology for full control of brightness and run time (area and spot)
- Convenient compact form factor fits easily into drawers, bags & tool boxes
- Up to 150 lumens* of area light for up to 100 hours or 75 lumens of focused beam for 10 hours
- Includes 4 Energizer Max AA batteries
- For initial product use, you will need to disable the Try Me feature. To disable, remove the batteries, wait 10 seconds and re-insert

*Light output measured from LED at 150 mA rms drive current. Value is only applicable to the LED. Actual device light output may vary.